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Achieving Competition in the Local Loop

Achieving Competition in the Local Loop:
The Case for Structural Separation

by Rick Casey

A non-technical paper submitted to the 1999 Student Paper Competition
sponsored by the International Communications Association
in the topic category Status of Public Policy
January 26, 1999

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: U.S. Telecommunications Policy and the Local Loop

Section 2.1 Events Prior to the 96 Act
Section 2.2 The Telecommunications Act of 1996
Section 2.2.1 The Components of Local Competition

Section 3: Current State of Local Competition

Section 3.1 Market Trends
Section 3.1.1 Anecdotal Evidence
Section 3.1.2 Evidence from the FCC 2nd Survey
Section 3.1.3 New products and services from CLECs
Section 3.2 Policy Trends
Section 3.2.1 Trends among the ILECs
Section 3.2.2 Trends among State PUCs

Section 4: The Case for Structural Separation

Section 4.1 Reasons for and against separation
Section 4.2 The natural monopoly question
Section 4.3 The Illinois NOI

Should Wolves Be in National Parks?

Ok, first question: have wolves killed people? Answer: barely. The evidence I found tonight on the web is this: prior to 1900, when wolves were much more numerous, there is ZERO recorded deaths. Since then, there was ONE recorded incident of human death from wolves in 2005. Here is where I found this information: