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Boulder County Planning Commissioners: Extend the fracking moratorium!

[These are remarks I made to the Boulder Planning Commissioners on October 17, 2012, as part of the public input process. I was among the dozen or so persons who spoke out against fracking, while there were two people who spoke in support. ]

Greetings Commissioners,
My name is Rick Casey, and I live at 1118 Centaur Circle in Lafayette.
Thank you for this opportunity to express my concerns about fracking, which I consider a dangerous and unwise policy to allow on county lands. I've taught environmental economics at Front Range Community College since 2009, and have become firmly convinced that fracking is a wrong and unnecessary policy of resource development. We should instead be investing in alternative energy, and building the base for a truly sustainable energy future, instead of the short term opportunistic policy of hydraulic fracturing.  
I last spoke to you on Sept 24, and spoke in support of extending the county moratorium on fracking. I am actively engaged with other citi…