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Intel's tax holiday is a sheep in wolf's clothing

[This is a comment I had to make at NPR on March 15, 2011 after hearing a disgustingly self-serving interview with the CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, by a sycophantic NPR reporter. When I made my comment right after I heard it, there were about five posts; when I returned to about 11pm tonight to post this to my blog, there were 39 comments -- all of them slamming the falsehood and hypocrisy of the statements by Otellini. It was heartening to see there are a lot of other pissed off Americans out there who are tuned into the economic class warfare going on in our country -- and that they're not afraid to let NPR know about it!]
While I enjoyed most of what Mr Otellini had to say about creating more jobs in America, his remarks about how a 'tax holiday' would help create jobs tipped his hand as a wolf in sheep's clothing -- which I wish the NPR reporter would have pursued.
"A tax holiday costs us nothing!", Mr Otellini asserts; this is wrong. I teach econom…