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Remarks to the Lafayette City Council to support the Community Rights Act

[The Lafayette City Council heard public comment at their meeting on Sept 16, 2014, about whether they should appeal the court ruling where Judge D.D. Mallard ruled in favor of COGA and against Lafayette Community Rights Act on July 24, 2014. This is the same judge that struck down Longmont's ban. The Council will make their decison by September 30, 2014, I believe. ]

An Address to the Lafayette City Council by Rick Casey, Tuesday, September 16, 2013 concerning public support in defense of the Lafayette Community Rights Act
Dear Council members,
I wish to convey to you tonight why I support the Lafayette Community Rights Act, and hope you to make every effort to defend it in court in the lawsuit that has been brought by COGA, the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.
This charter amendment is based on the legal concept of community rights, which the COGA brief does not even mention; all they care about is making money off of fracking inside our city limits, but I’m afraid they …