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"Americans For Prosperity" - What A Joke!

[This is a letter I wrote to the editor of the Colorado Daily, a small Boulder newspaper that caters to the University of Colorado community, in reaction to an editorial they ran on June 7, 2010.]

Dear Colorado Daily,

I wish to respond to the editorial in today's paper, "FCC shouldn't regulate Web" by Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity.

I must strongly disagree with Mr Kerpen's conclusion that the FCC should be prevented from "regulating" the Internet, as well as his erroneous assertion that "The Internet -- in the absence of regulation -- has flourished into a remarkable engine of economic growth, innovation, competition and free expression." The Internet is a wonderful invention, it is true, but Mr Kerpen's twisting of the issues needs some correcting.

The Internet, as well as the entire telecommunications industry, has always been regulated since shortly after it got started -- as it must be, if society is to derive the full benefits o…