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Remarks on fracking to the Boulder County Commissioners

[Remarks I made to a meeting of the Boulder County Commissioners regarding oil and gas development in Boulder County, in the public meeting room, 3rd floor, Boulder County Courthouse, Sept 24, 2012. I was about 10th in line, right after Carolyn Bninski from the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. The meeting was packed, to standing room only, where the oil & gas spokespersons got to speak first for about an hour. Thereafter, the public was allowed to make comments within three minute periods or pooled periods up to twelve minutes....quite the contrast.]
Good evening Commissioners:
My name is Rick Casey, I have lived at 1118 Centaur Circle in Lafayette since 2003, and have been a Colorado resident since 1981. Thank you for this opportunity to express my concerns as a Boulder County resident.  I am speaking as a concerned citizen, and as a member of East Boulder County United, an anti-fracking citizen's group based in Lafayette.
I hope the Commissioners will decide to postp…