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Free-market environmentalism is an oxymoron!

[The following is a response to an editorial that appeared in the July 12, 2010 issue of the Colorado Daily, by a J. Craig Green, P.E., from the Independence Institute, a conservative think tank based in Golden, CO. You can rest assured that the financial backers of the Independence Institute and the Environment Research Center in Bozeman, MT, mentioned in the editorial, are backed by conservative corporations with an interest in privatizing natural resources. I tried to uncover this by accessing their Form 990's online, but was unsuccessful (The Form 990 is a public document that all non-profits that are 501(c)3 corporations must provide, which is supposed to show their source and use of financial funds.)]

Dear Colorado Daily,

I would like to respond to the editorial "Free-market environmentalism" by J. Craig Green on July 12, 2010.

My desire to address this is based on my teaching of environmental economics at Front Range Community College, and holding a masters degree in…