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This is why I teach...

[As an online teacher of environmental economics, most of my time is spent talking about pollution, cap and trade, marginal social costs, and the like, with the expected student responses... But every once in a while there is an email exchange that makes it feel good to be a teacher, and influence someone's life in a positive way: this was one of them. Below is a response I got from a student to a long response where I explained to him where corporate personhood originated and why it is so significant..]

[This was the student's response: ]
Wonderful explanation, I am looking forward to becoming much more informed and involved. This class has sparked a potential path for me to follow in life at a time when I find myself searching as all I do is plan with beer and I need to be a part of something more fulfilling. I will check out those books you recommended as well, thanks for the tip.
[from one of my students

This was my answer that inspired the student...

Dear student]…
[From an email to a friend, Dec 5, 2012, the day after the tumultuous public meeting of the Boulder County Commissioners in Dec 4, 2012, which was delayed for 30 minutes of citizen protest against fracking:  When I got home after last night's events, I was playing my guitar just to relax....but had the urge to say something about what I'd seen that night...which was pretty special....and this is what I wrote down. 
It's been well received on Facebook, particularly by the mother of the young Earth Guardian it mentions....she wanted to share it, which I was glad to do.
I kind of had the tempo of Dylan's song Tempest going through my head at the time, to get the rhythm right..a 4/4 waltz,…]

When The Children Broke The Law
(by Rick Casey, after observing the Boulder County Commissioners meeting, 4 Dec 2012)

Well the town it was assembled And the commissioners all filed in To take their seats at the high table And have the meeting begin.
But before the meeting got started Befor…